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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Captain Larkins to Matthew Flinders (1 of 2) (FLI01)

Matthew Flinders Esqr
      &c &c &c
chez Madme D'Arifats
        Wilhelm's Plains

Annotation: July 23. 1806 – Larkins

                              Flacq 20th July 1806

To Matthew Flinders Esqr
    Captain in H.M.Navy
        &c &c &c


            With the most unfeigned thanks, allow me to acknowledge
the receipt of your kind letter, which came to hand yesterday – and to express
the great obligations I am under, for your offer of condolence and assistance.
The very name of Englishman desires ceremony before it and I should have
addressed you under that happy title had I not waited the promise of
your good young and deserving friend, Enseign Baudin, to forward me
an introductory letter to you, which has now been superseded by
your kind premier epistle. The {belack} of the Laws of Nations – as well
as those of hospitality, in your instance, had made the name of Flinders
dear to his Countrymen. Nor can they, who boast and are proud of
being called Englishmen, but feel indignant at the Author of your
unjust – and illegal confinement. I should be extreemly [sic] happy had I
it in my power to afford you any information respecting the steps
which have been taken by our Government towards your liberation
as well as to gratify you by the perusal of any Gazette, Pamphlet &c
on the subject of your detention – but really, unfortunately, I have not
one of the kind. I hope and sincerely trust that in the defence of
my Ship, I did my duty – as well as my utmost endeavours to supply
the glory of those Colors, which truly will never be sullied. And very
flattering must I feel your approbation of the conduct of those com=
=posing the crew of the Warren Hastings. The interest you have
expressed for Enseign Baudin gives me the opportunity of expressing
in the liveliest terms the conduct of that young man towards me,

and my Officers, nor ought we to be otherways than gratefully thoughtful
for his liberal offers of pecuniary and friendly assistance – He, Sir,
is worthy your distinguishing friendship. I thank you sincerely
for your cautionary advice respecting my silence – of which I had
already been put on my guard – As yet, we have every reason
to be satisfied with the good disposition of the General towards us,
as well as of his intentions to allow of our early departure – which
latter, should it be obtained, I hope you will confide to my care
any packets, letters &c you may wish to be forwarded to England,
and personally delivered; resting on my punctuality to serve you.
I had the pleasure of being known to all your Officers, who proceeded
to England with the China Fleet, which had the honour of defeating the
intentions of Admiral Linois and his Squadron, to which fleet I had
the satisfaction of belonging – Young Sinclair– and Captain Park
were my passengers – both worthy persons – It will be im=
=possible, that the treatment which I have met with on this Island,
can ever be effaced from my memory – and the name of Belzin
must remain indelibly engraven on my remembrance – as
belonging to a man possessing everything which a man ought
to possess – I thank you for your solicitude about my wound
which, though not very troublesome, will remain a long impediment
to my usual exercises – and when I recall to my mind, that it was
by the hand of an Assassin I cannot but feel some mortification.
Had it been during the action I should have gloried in the
honourable scar but that unfortunately was not the case.
I should feel a particular pleasure in being able to have a few hours
of communication with you and, if possible, will inform you when

I go to Port NWst till which time believe me to remain with
the sentiment of a compatriot and of esteem –
                Yours much obliged
                very humble Servant

                        T Larkins

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