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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from William Owen to Matthew Flinders (2 of 3) (FLI01)

Capt Matthew Flinders RN
Mr A Standert
          3 Cliffords Inn
          Fleet Street
W Owen

                              Madras 10 Sepr 1810
My Dear Captain Flinders       Just three months have Elapsed
since our happy happy Separation from that diabolical hell
hole and from each other, each in pursuit of better days and
better future. I have once written to you since that epoch, but
the Short time which has already paƒsed has produced to many
momentous accidents in my History that I shou'd [sic] be wanting
to the Pledge I gave you, and the very high esteem your
Talents, Misfortunes and friendship command from me did I
neglect to give you the Sketch of them when occasion offered –
      My Political Memorandum on Mauritius tho' simple
and such a one as your genius wou'd [sic] have have [sic] valued as such only

produced a sentiment such as I wished, and Consequently
Mauritius will be attacked w. a force little Short of twenty Thou-
sand — I wrote on the principle of saving blood, and ill blood; this
Principle I know you wou'd have admired, however its execution might
want the Charm of Arrangement. – – – –
        The Generals prevailed on me at last to take the superin-
-tendance of the Transports to be Employed, for the purpose of super-
-intending the disembarkation of the Troops who shall avenge
your wrongs. — I accepted it by the Admirals Appointment, and
because My Brig is to the Eastward and her return uncertain –
      My Court Martial Acquitted me the 15th Ulto on the 19th I
was shipped Captain Supt of Transports, on £140 per month
with two Lieutenants under me. One of them Young Vidal my
Youngster who saw you at Mauritius. An Expedition will sail
hence in leƒs than ten days, I hope. — 'tis rather late but not too late.
I only (I have ^ been broken off for five hours) fear the Bengall
part will not be in Time for us.       I need not say My Dear
Sir how much I wish all may go on in your way as
well as yourself can desire. I am so plagued that
I can not proceed with your letter – I have ten fellows
waiting answers & eight ships to mind – a detail
the which I wou'd not do for Love or Money but as
an occasion such as this which is so well
calculated to call forth all the Energies of Your
                  W F W Owen

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