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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (15 of 41) (FLI25) Page 3

if we succeed, or probably more.
    I must tell thee of a loƒs which I deplore very much,
and which at first affected me in some degree like being
seperated from thee. I had desired Elder to scrub out the
little cabin, and to scour the paint work; — this was
done, and when afterwards I looked for thy forget me not, to indulge myself with fond thoughts of thee, —
it was not ^ to be found. If thou hast lost my portrait, thou
mayst have some idea of what I felt. I sighed myself
to sleep and dreamed of thee; and although it is now
sometime since, I am not reconciled. I thought of trac-
-ing them again, but it would not be thy writing, and
unleƒs it was so, it was nothing; the sentence, however,
is so engraven on my memory, that the place where it
was written brings every letter of ^ it the sentence to my
recollection, even to the croƒs on the T, at the end of not.
In my last letter to thee, which was dated May 31, I told
thee something of bills sent home; in addition to which
I might have added £60 of pay due to me for servants,
which I hope Mr Standert will be enabled to get; and
now I have sent him bills for £76.8.; making altogether
about £654 in the stocks, and what he has and will get;
and this supposes thee to have drawn in the prop [illegible]
that I told Mr S. before we sailed.
    I have made a little amends for former neglects by
writing a tolerable long letter to my friend Thomas, and
I have written a nonsensical one to your mother, for
I fear she will call it so; but I beg she will consider it
to be my earnest wish to have a line from her occasionally
as well as from my dear little crickety sister, if she still
deserves to be called cricket.
    I have requested of thee a short journal-like detail of
^ thy transactions, and if thou couldst favour me with such, it
would be a great gratification. A few lines written once

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