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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (2 of 5) (FLI27)

Mrs Flinders
14 London Street
    Fitzroy Square

                                HMS Bedford Plymouth Sound
My dear Mrs Flinders             August 27th 1814

      I cannot describe my sensations, nor my anxiety,
nor even the apprehensions I have laboured under on your
account, since the melancholy information of the truly
irreparable loƒs you have sustained, has reached me:–
I have almost daily formed a resolution of offering that condolence
and sympathy on the awful Event which I most sincerely feel
but as often have waved it; fearing that the sympathy even
of the nearest Friend must in the moment of affliction be
intrusive. – I trust on this my dear Madam though severe
and dreadful must have been the shock, and great your Trial;
True Piety, and a due sense of the Allwise Dispensation of the
Almighty, has brought you that alleviation and consolation
which they only can give to the afflicted. To a mind so
sensibly alive to the tenderest feelings as yours, and so impreƒsed
with such a just sense of religion. I cannot offer any alleviation
which it does not poƒseƒs. I can only be permitted to unite
with you in the consoling hope that he is removed from a
world of pain & trouble – to the mansions of rest & bliƒs – Such
aƒsuredly should be our comfort – such I trust is yours. –
Though dreadfully great has been your loƒs – mine is truly severe;
I entertained for him the highest Friendship & Esteem; no person
was nearer my heart. – I venture to hope from the perusal
of your letter to Wiles, that your state of mind is more easy – indeed I

am truly rejoiced that you were able to write in answer to him.
Your kind present of my departed Friends Pistols – I accept with
most grateful thanks – and beleive [sic] me they will ever be
preserved as an inestimable Treasure.
    I beg Mrs Flinders you will now permit me to offer my best
aƒsistance in forwarding either your arrangements, Hopes or wishes.
The opportunities I may have may be few; yet I should hope you
would not hesitate in calling forth my attention and Exertion;
be aƒsured my good Friend it will afford me infinite pleasure
and satisfaction to do anything, at any time that could poƒsibly
contribute to your comfort or Happineƒs.
    It is a Source of Consolation that your amiable Partner
survived the completion of his work for Publication, it will
cause his memory to be long respected, and I hope it may prove
of infinite pecuniary advantage to you – I perceived two days
since it was advertized as published under the auspices of the
Admiralty.–         I wrote some days since to Mr Brown addreƒsed
to the Linnaen Society, Gerrard Street requesting to be informed when
and under whose countenance it might be expected to appear –
but he has not answered my letter. I intended if it came
out under the protection of Lord Melville and received his notice
to push everything I could to gain his attention; but I fear it would
avail little.

The Bedford – contrary to almost general expectation if not
wish (mine certainly) is expected to take out Troops to America
but we cannot learn positively where or when we may go;
in fact all this I surmise – we have however been refitted and
are ordered to keep in readineƒs – I suspect we will not sail
before the 1st week in September – if then.

Should you be equal to the Task I shall be much relieved by hearing
from you. However I beg you will not put your feelings to
any great Trouble – Accept my sincere condolence and sympathy
and believe me ever to be
                        [Franklin's signature has been cut out from here]
Should Mrs or Miƒs Tyler be with you I beg you to present
my best respects

PS. Wiles returns his best thanks and begs me to acknowledge
the receipt of your letter

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