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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (4 of 6). Flinders to his father 1801; to cousin, Henrietta Flinders 1801 (FLI04) Page 2

at least, by laying out a sum of money at the shop; she was
glad of such an opportunity to shew them that she had respec-
-table friends; and I hope Penelope will do very well yet.
      No doubt you are better acquainted with everything relating
to Susan than I am. I left her at 31 Basinghall Street
waiting Mrs Ashtons coming up to town.
      As my dear partner will add a postscript, I know of
nothing material to add, but the affectionate regards of
Samuel and myself to you. to our mother and sisters.
and rememberances to our Donington friends.
      I am my dear father, your affectionate and
          dutiful son
                Mattw Flinders

To Miƒs Flinders at Mr Hursthouses TiddH.M.S. Investigator
                                    Little Nore May 10 1801
Your last long and very acceptable letter, my dearest cousin,
I found on board the Investigator about a fortnight since, on
my return from London. I will first answer it, and then talk
about my own affairs.
      You close your letter by requesting the initials of that officers
^ name who gave me the information that distreƒsed ^ you. I wish my cousin
you had not asked it, because it is improper that I should comply.
If what he said is true, he acted a proper part in telling me, and
if it is not true, it is not worth your thinking further about.
I cannot tell what affect these northern affairs allegations will have upon
the Swedish prizes, but I rather fear that if that power gives up
the confederacy, all the prizes belonging to that nation will be re-
turned as a part of the price. It gratifies me, and is a reaƒsurance
of captain L's affection that he wrote you so soon after the action.
I think my dear Henny it says a great deal, and may the Almighty
Power bring that soon to paƒs, that shall prevent all my ^ further fears and
doubts for you on this subject.
      You know my cousin that it is my custom to say what I think;
it is perhaps the best plan in the end but not always politic at the
time. Had I told you, my dear Henny, that your firm adherence
to what appears to me to be a plan ill calculated for your happineƒs
made no difference whatever in the esteem and indeed veneration I
have for you in every respect, I should have said wrong; and truly I think

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