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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (1 of 5) (FLI27) Page 2

be made on the part of his friends to get his
post rank dated some years back. – but the
Admiralty are so tenacious of their official custom
& etiquette that it will require the most strenuous
exertion to overcome former precedents. –

I fear Captain Flinders has expreƒsed disappoint-
ment and felt hurt at my not writing. – but really
Mrs Flinders I have paƒsed the time since our seperation
without meeting any opportunity or having any prospect
of letters reaching him, – When his addreƒs first
reached me we were on the eve of sailing for
Cadiz & the Mediterranean – and never during our
stay met with any conveyance to America – then
came the American Embargo which prevented
any communication, except perhaps through the
Secretary of States Office, the difficulty of getting
letters conveyed there when abroad appeared
to me insurmountable – From the Brazils there
was a prospect of conveyance through the Cape
of Good Hope – indeed I wrote a long letter, – but before
any ship sailed – I met two gentlemen who had
known Captn F. in the early part of his confinement

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