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Letter from the Admiralty re magnetic variations (1 of 7) (FLI07) Page 1

Admiralty Office
17th April 1812


      Having laid before
my Lords Commiƒsioners of
the Admiralty your letter
of the 13th instant containing
your observations on the variation
of the Compaƒs in the Southern
and Northern Hemispheres,
and the Experiments by means
of which you propose to
ascertain the fact of such
Variations; I am commanded
to signify their Lordships direction
to you to proceed to Sheerneƒs,
to communicate with Rear
Admiral Sir Thomas Williams
and, to superintend certain
Experiments relating to the
variations of the Compaƒs which
he has received directions to
Captn Mattw Flinders
        7 Mary Street
        Fitzroy Square

I am, Sir
    Your very humble Servt
          Jn Barrow

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