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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (5 of 5) (FLI27) Page 2

in his Native County – All the stone connected
with the base and ^ in which the marble bearing the
Inscription is to [sic] inserted have been forwarded
from this place to the spot – Col Gawler the late Govr
of South Australia purposed making over the [illegible]
for the Site of the Monument – but having been
recalled before the neceƒsary documents could be prepared
his succeƒsor Capt Grey has fulfilled that intention
and has further shewn his earnest cooperation
by sending from Adelaide the Foreman of the Works
to superintend the getting the stones properly placed
on the mountain – and putting under his direction
as many men as could be spared at Port Lincoln
to get the materials up to the spot – The County Engineer
of South Adelaide Capt Frome has with great zeal
& [illegible] undertaken to give his best aƒsistance
in this interesting work – You see therefore my
dear Mrs Flinders – that we are all heartily engaged
in this good cause – to make in creating this tribute of regard
esteem & affection and I hope shortly you to have the
pleasure of announcing to you its being finished.
      I was much surprized about three months since
by a son of Samuel Flinders and named Mathew
after my dear friend – presenting himself to me as I was
coming out of the Legislative Council – he brought me
no letter – but a meƒsage from you desiring him to call
upon me – He accounted for your not being able to write

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St Vincent's Gulph, Australia

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