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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Handwritten will of Matthew Flinders (FLI06) Page 5

living; and the respective augmentations shall
be in proportion to the legacies of each. Also,
if the whole of my property as above specified
should be more than sufficient to pay the
legacies so left as above, then the surplus is to
go to the augmentation of them, in the same
proportionate manner; but with respect to
the third paragraph, if the monies therein
left exceed the sum of £500, clear of expence,
then the augmentation is not to make it exceed
what the sum left in the second paragraph
will amount to, when so augmented; my in-
-tention being that the sums left to my
brother and sister should be equal. If,
after the expenses attending on my interment
(of which my wife, or such person as she may
appoint, is to have the direction and choice
of place) my monies &c should be found in-
-sufficient to pay and provide for all the above
legacies, then a reduction of those contained
in the second, third, fourth, and sixth par-
-agraphs, proportionally to the sums left, is
to take place. The sums specified in the
first, fifth, and seventh paragraphs are
to suffer no reduction.
    Such is the disposition I desire may
be made of my monies and property of
whatever kind, in case I should die and
leave no lawful issue; but if in the con-
trary case, I should leave issue, one or

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