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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (14 of 41) (FLI25) Page 3

notice. He is capable of learning every thing that we can shew
him, and but for a little careleƒsneƒs, I would not wish to have
a son otherwise than he is. Young Lound also turns out to be
a fine lad, but he does not grow.
    Supposing thee to be a little interested concerning those whom
thou hast known, I have written thee a short history of the ship
politics of the ship; I said to amuse thee, but I fear thou wilt
find but little amusement in it.
    It is proper to tell thee that I have sent home to my
agent by this conveyance, bills to the amount of £153.14
and documents by which ^ I expect he will get some time hence £144
£137 more, and I calculate, that if thou hast drawn
£50 from him to this time, that he should still have £106
of mine remaining in his hands; making altogether £397.7.9;
independent of what he bought into the three percents before
I left England, and the interest arising therefrom. I have desired
that he should add all spare money to that in the funds, which
he is empowered to do and to receive the dividends, but as yet
I have not given him the requisite authority to sell out.
Thou wilt judge from the above, that notwithstanding the
arduous task of being astronomer, surveyor, commander, and
inspector of every officer and mans conduct and accounts, that
my pecuniary concerns have not been neglected. No, my be-
-loved, thou art concerned in these, and I shall not cease to do
every thing for thee, until life, or the requisite power, ceases. I
still think that the voyage will be as beneficial to us, as I ever
supposed; which was, that I should be fifteen hundred pounds
richer at the conclusion than at the commencement of it;
this, however, need not be said to every body.
    As my writing any other letter that this, and a short one to
my father, is a matter of much uncertainty, pray say every thing
that is kind to your good father and mother, and to Belle; and
also at Spilsby. They must not think I love them leƒs, because a
great preƒsure of busineƒs at this time prevents me from writing,
or must they take any such thing as an example from it; I shall
make amends before we sail from this port, yet.
    Should thou find from any cause, that £40 is inadequate
to thy annual expenses, pray, my love, write and say so, and the

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