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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Flinders' journal entry and certificate of seamanship (FLI05) Page 1

[This is a page cut from Flinders' journal in HMS Providence. See also FLI/8a. Dated to January 1797.]

into and at Table Bay – Cape of Good Hope

17th Fresh breezes off the Table land with squalls. – Got off 106 lbs of mutton.-
Carried out a kedge to steady the ship A.M. Light airs – at 5 weighed the Kedge
and hove up: warped up the bay. At 11 came to with the small bower in 3 fms
18th The sea breeze setting in instead of the SE as we expected to moor with
carried a kedge downwards and moored. – the Wharf SWbS 1 mile. The
Supply was likewise moored, a little farther out. – At 7 Squally w. struck
lower yards and topgallt masts A.M. Got them down on deck and struck
Topmasts having obtained the Admirals permiƒsion . Received on board fresh
beef, and having come from sea, vegetables and some fruit; which it seems
is supplied to all ships arriving here on application. – We got Grapes,
peaches and sometimes pears or apples in moderate quantity; the vege-
-tables were of almost every kind and sufficient in quantity –
–19 Fired a royal salute in honour of the Queens birthday, as did all the
Ships and the almost innumerable Forts here. – Began stripping the
fore-mast to be examined A.M. Unbent the sails. Recd fresh beef &ca
–21st Blowing very hard this last two days, the sand from the shore co-
-vering the masts, yards & riggings. – Bent the storm-stay-sails in case of
parting from our anchor. – Two brigs were driven on shore near the large
fort, one of which only, was after wards got off, and a Dutch prize was driven
out to sea; indeed all the small craft in shore and several of the Ships
either dragged or parted but afterwards brought up. Before dark let go
the sheet-anchor underfoot, and veer'd a few fathoms on the small bower
to let it take. – A..M. little wind in the morning; hove up and stowed
the sheet anchor. – Employed about the rigging
–23rd Employed as before and on occasional duties, got off beef and mutton
– fruit and vegetables every morning except the 20th The proportion
of mutton received to beef was 1/3rd                           my
–24th Having thro' Capt. Waterhouse applied to paƒs to examination;
this morning I attended at the Admirals, and after being ask [sic] a few ques-
-tions, some days after received the following certificate

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