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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from John Elder to Ann Flinders (2 of 3) (FLI28) Page 2

himself in a piece of paper long before I left the I. of France, indeed
I never saw them; as they were sealed when I gave them in charge
of Mr Standert; but after I requested them, to my great surprise,
the clerk (Mr Brian) of Mr Standerts had these coins in his poƒseƒ-
-sion and I found the seal was broken, and the coins four, in number
was wrapped up loose in another piece of paper; I told him he
had broke the seal, which he said he did, and that he thought
they might probably be spoiled was the reason (I spoke this in the
presence of Mr Standert to him) the latter said very little; the silver
spoons were also opened out in his poƒseƒsion in the desk; I only wish
and hope they are all safe, but I fear much there is 1 table spoon
and 1 tea spoon a wanting, but I am not sure, as Capt. F. put them
up himself, neither have I a memorandum of any, I will recollect
some few spoons was kept by C.F. but how many I cannot tell;
if he sent an account to you, Madam, you will favour me very much
after receiving this to let me know what number there might have been.
I reflect much upon myself for not counting the spoons when I gave them
in charge of this (clerk) as also the linen; to day I took the linen all out and
aired the best uniform laced coat – I found the following things, 3 Sheets,
3 table cloths, 6 Pillow cases; 1 Coat, 2 appalets [sic], 1 White uniform Waistcoat,
and 7 fine calico shirts mostly new, C.F. purchased 11 not long before I came
away, and some of these are the same, they want no repairs, and not damp
at all, I thought there was 8 shirts, but I cannot tell for there was no memo given me.

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