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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (3 of 6). To Christopher Smith 1800. (FLI04) Page 1

you, I conclude with requesting you to believe me to be with
respect and esteem
      your obliged friend and humble servant
            Mattw Flinders

To Christopher Smith Esq Botanist – India –
                              H.M.S. Reliance Feb 14th
My excellent friend                                     1800
      Two days since brought in the Bark Hun-
-ter from Calcutta, belonging to the house of Campbell and Clarke,
Mr Robt Campbell (a partner I believe) arrived in her and de-
delivered me a letter, inclosing one from you to ^ his brother Mr Campbell
intended for my inspection. Yesterday I received, as specified
in that letter, 6 doz of Madeira, one dozen shirts, one dozen
towels & 2 black silk hand neckkerchiefs, all of which are
very good of their kind; and it is ^also proper that I should notice
^ to you the care and attention of those who conveyed them to me. The
letter also specifies mentions £20, which Mr R. Campbell made
a tender of to me, but my dear friend, as it happens at pre-
-sent that I have more than £100 by me, I have left it to your
credit in Mr C's hands. How kind you are, my dear Smith,
to think thus of your absent friend. It happened yesterday,
that two or three gentlemen were dining with us, when your
case of Madeira made its appearance the appearance of
your case of Madeira gave occasion to mention the donor,
the terms upon which we used to live, and in short, you
was [sic] analized [sic] very minutely; never was anything better ac-
-credited by the company than the account then given; the
case of Madeira &c before their eyes was a figure of rheto-
-ric that convinced every body. The top of the lid case presently
flew off, and the first bottle was drank [sic] "to Paddy Smiths
good health, and long may he live." I wish you had seen one
of the gentleman [sic], a native of the north of Ireland, how his eyes
sparkled with joy, ^ exaltation that it was a Paddy who was capable of

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