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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Joseph Banks to Matthew Flinders (3 of 7) (FLI01)

Address:     M. Flinders Esqr
                Commander of H M Ship

Annotation:     May 1. 1801

                                                            Soho Square
                                                                April May 1 01

Dear Sir

                I have receivd [sic] your enclosing in
Copy of your Letter to Mr Nepean but I have not
been at the admiralty since, I shall take Care to
modify your orders in such manner as far as I
am Able or will answer your wishes. I confeƒs
however that I feel too much apprehension of
the danger of [illegible] a Reef on the ocean side
where there is no Anchorage & where in a Calm the
Long waves of the ocean will heave you in upon it
to make any mention of such an undertaking.
                The India Company have orderd [sic]
£1200 to be paid to you for your Table & that of
your officers but they decline any interference

in the manner of dividing it among you I
think the officers of the Gunroom meƒs ought to
have the same sum as is allowd [sic] in India to
the Gunroom meƒs of a sloop they are if I am
Right 4 only in number The Remainder
should be allotted as Table money to yourself
& the 4 Gentlemen who you allow to meƒs with
you with an allowance & the Gardiner [sic] & the
miner for the Real Reason of such allowance
being made is to encourage the Scientific [illegible]
to discover things fitting for the Trade of India
& you to Find new [illegible]
                              Pray give my best [illegible] to
Mr Whidby & beleive [sic] me
                                            with much regard & esteem
                                            Very Faithfully yours
                                                        Js: Banks

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