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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (5 of 6). To Sir Joseph Banks 1801; to Flinders' father 1801; to his wife 1801. (FLI04) Page 5

able to accompany Mr Tyler into the country in the beginning
of next week. Her letter today from Battersea says that she is
able to run upstairs.
    Regret not that I have taken the step that I have. I am satis-
fied even as things are now ordered, and reprise not. I leave
her under the pr with a kind mother and family. My circum-
-stances allow me to give her what she thinks to be fully suf-
-ficient for her occasions. I am satisfaction of her warm af-
-fection; and I go with the hope of so improving my circum-
-stances as to be independent of the admiralty for employment,
making such an addition to my half pay as to be indepen-
-dent of the admiralty for employment, on my return. I think my
prospects are fair of happineƒs is fair, and I rest satisfied with it
I have parted with my wife; that is over. We know the neceƒsity
of acting as we do, and reconcile ourselves to it. Would that
my friends would do so too.
    It is probable we shall yet be here a week or longer, if therefore
you have time to write to me again, I shall be very happy
to receive. Begging you, my dear father, and my mother
and family to accept my love and duty I remain your
        affectionate son
          M. Flinders
To Mrs Flinders Battersea – July 10 1801
Inclosing the above to be perused and sent
To Joseph Whidbey Esq. Sheerneƒs – July 11. 1801 Spithead
Transactions since leaving Sheerneƒs & request to write
To Mrs Flinders Battersea – Spithead July 12. 1801
    I have not yet got thy letter today, my dearest girl,
but I must be writing to thee. Thou thinkest of going
tomorrow or Tuesday into Lincolnshire. Although I
have so much wished for thee to be with thy mother,
I yet feel that I am sorry at the increase of our dis-
-tance, and more especially since I see no prospect of
getting my sailing orders. What thinkest thou, if I
should remain another month or two waiting as I
have been, and thou be in the country, so many miles
from thee me? and in health! I cannot bear the idea.
    Does thy eye and thy strength enable thee to travel
to Peterboro by thy self, or does Mr Tyler come for thee?

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