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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (5 of 6). To Sir Joseph Banks 1801; to Flinders' father 1801; to his wife 1801. (FLI04) Page 1

as when I left London; and it is added as the ^ probable cause, that Mr Nepean
has been ill lately. It seems also, that some doubts have arisen relative
to the Lady Nelson, but of what nature I am not informed.
    I am indeed, Sir Joseph, ashamed of adding to the repeated trouble you have
had about the Investigator, even that of reading a letter which speaks
of nothing having been done; but I could not remain at Spithead
in this way without informing you that we were so remaining.
    My meƒsmates, impatient to begin their labour, are botanizing
^ upon and examining the Isle of Wight for a day or two.
I fear that it will not now be poƒsible to come return to
the south coast of New Holland from Port Jackson, so as to save
any part of the summer, I shall therefore ^ if my orders do not forbid it I shall examine ^ the south coast more mi-
-nutely in my first run along it; and if anything material is
should present itself, as a strait, gulph, or very large river, shall
employ as much time in its examination, and as the remaining part
of the summer may then consist of; for I consider it very material
to the succeƒs of the voyage, and to its early completion, that we should
be upon the northern coasts in winter and the southern ones in
Requesting you, Sir Joseph, to accept my apology for again troubling
you, and my thanks for your repeated attentions and aƒsistance, I beg
to subscribe myself
        your much obliged and most faithful servant
          Mattw Flinders

To Mr Troughton 136 Fleet St London July 7. 1801 Spithead
            with a small Hadby to be shifted
To Mrs Flinders Battersea July 6. 8th and 9th Spithead
To Mr Flinders Donington – Lincolnshire – Spithead July 10 1801
My dear father
              In the letter of June 21. to my mother I gave
you every reason to think that we should have been at
sea long before this. I was deceived in my expectation of
receiving my final orders before leaving town, nor indeed
have I received them yet. I am much mortified at being thus
delayed, nor am I fully acquainted with the cause. Great preƒ-
-sure of more important busineƒs than ours is the external
one, but I think there must be something more; for I saw the
paƒsport, and my instructions which were signed; so that there
appears to be little else to do than to send them down to me

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