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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Portion of Flinders' journal on HMS Providence (1791-93) (FLI08a) Page 9

and scrap [sic] it with the smooth edge of his Razor, tho I did not
find it remarkably so, when this was done, Now says Neptune
we must give him a wash, yes says another lay hold here and
give us a Hoist, but stand clear of the whip that he may
go down nicely – its only three Times Sir – yes thinks I that's
often enough – in a moment my Seat went from under me,
I fell back wds in the Water, ^ sluice comes half a Dozen buckets over me they took the Handkerchief off my
Eyes, and I found my self in a large Tub full of Water, and
every body with Buckets in their Hands in their Heaving at me –
on my left hand stood Neptune, his Wife our Gunners mate
and two other Seamen disguised as Neptune, his Wife and the
Barber, such horrid Figures, painted, plaisterd, [sic] blackd, [sic] Swabs
for Tails, [illegible] and Oatmeal instead of Powder and Po-
-manture, however, I got in amongst the rest, laid hold of a
Bucket and without any Remorse of Conscience sluiced away
at the next poor Devil that came – some of the Gents who
had croƒsd [sic] the Line before got up into the Tops thinking
to escape getting wet, but they were pursued by those that
were so, ^ who had Buckets of Water handed up sent to them with
which they compleatly sluiced these prior Equatorians, so
that the only Advantage the [sic] reapd [sic] from having croƒsd [sic] the Line
before was not being shavd [sic], after every Man had been
brought up in Succeƒsion and undergone paƒsd under the Hands
of the Tonsor, a kind of Water War commenced, one Party
against an other, which ceasd [sic] gradually and was given
up at the Captains expreƒsing a Desire that it shoud [sic]
then every one went below, and put on dry Cloathes [sic] and
the whole was concluded by the Captains giving each
Man a Dram – thus this famous Ceremony ended.

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