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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Handwritten will of Matthew Flinders (FLI06)

In the name of God, Amen. I Matthew Flinders Es-
quire captain in the Royal Navy, now residing in London,
being at this time in sound mind and understanding, and
in health of body, think it just and neceƒsary to pro-
-vide against accidents, by making this my last
will and testament in the form and manner following.

I do name and appoint my dear wife Ann
, my friend Mr Charles Hursthouse, farmer of
Tidd St Marys in the county of Lincoln, and my
friend John Newbald Esquire, merchant, of
Hull in Yorkshire, to be the guardians, trustees,
and executors of this my will and testament.
And in case of the death, or the incapacity, or
refusal of John Newbald Esquire to act as above,
I do name and appoint Mr Robt Newbald,
his son to be trustee & executor, in the place
of his father; and should any of the above cir-
-cumstances occur to Mr Charles Hursthouse
I do name and appoint Mr ______ to act in
his stead. And my will is, that they, the
said three trustees and executors, do dispose
of my monies, securities for money, real or
personal estate, and property of every dis-
-cription whether in my poƒseƒsion, or that
may devolve to me by bequest or otherwise in
the form and manner following.

First, In the case where I should die without
iƒsue lawfully begotten, either actually existing
or posthumous, then my will is, that the

following distribution of my monies &c do
take place
First. I give and bequeath the sum of twelve hundred pounds, lawful money of Great Britain,
to my dear wife Ann Flinders; or if she refuse
that sum, then such part thereof, as she may
think proper to specify.

Ann Flinders

Second. To my dear sister Susanna, wife of
George Pearson, now residing at St Ives in
Huntingdonshire, I give the sum of five hundred pounds sterling: she to enjoy the interest arising
there from during her life, and the principal,
at her death, to be equally divided amongst
her surviving children.

Sus. Pearson

Third. To my dear brother Samuel Ward
, lieutenant in the Royal Navy, I be-
-queath all the monies and property belonging
to me in the Isles of France and Bourbon, for
the obtaining of which, he is to be furnished
with the neceƒsary papers and authority;
but is to do it at his own cost and trouble.
And if the said monies and property do not
amount to five hundred pounds sterling, then
they are to be made up to that sum from my
property in England. And in case his decease
takes place before mine, and he leave issue
lawfully begotten there I give the said monies of five
hundred pounds from the general maƒs of my
property to his child, or by equal proportions
to his children.

S W Flinders

Han. Dodd £100
Hen. Flinders

Fourth. To Hannah, wife of Joseph Dodd, of
Donington, and to Henrietta Flinders, my two
Sisters of the half blood, I bequeath one hun- -dred pounds sterling each; but in case of
the previous death of one or both of them, if
she or they leave lawful issue, then the part
of the parent to be given to the children in
equal proportions.


Fifth. I will that the sum of one hundred pounds be expended in four marble slabs,
to be set up, by permission of the minister
and churchwardens, in the parish Church in
Donington in the county of Lincoln, against
the wall facing the communion door of the
same church; and the said four slabs to have
engraved upon them such inscriptions to the
memory of my great grand-father, grand-father,
father, and myself, as the pious sentiments of
my brother Samuel, with the approbation of my
wifes may dictate.


Sixth. I give and bequeath the following
legacies. To my nephew James Harvey, of
Donington, and to his sister Susannah, each
fifty pounds.
To my mother-in-law Mrs Eliza Flinders –         fifty pounds.
To my uncle Mr John Flinders, of Spalding       fifty pounds
To my aunt Mrs Eliza Carr of Louth                   fifty pounds
To my half uncle, William Flinders of Boston     fifty pounds

or in case of his death the same sum to his son William
To my half aunt, Mary Cawthen of Pinchbeck
                                                twenty pounds

To my half Aunt Penelope Procter of London
To my dear cousin Henrietta Newbald of Hull

twenty pounds
twenty pounds

To Mr Charles Hursthouse, and to John Newbald or
to their substitutes, on undertaking the trust

each twenty pounds

Seventh. I bequeath to the following persons
mourning rings of the value of two guineas each
and bearing the letters M.F. as a motto.
The Rt Hon. Sir Joseph Banks Bt.
Osborne Standert Esq. of London
Captain William Kent of the Royal Navy
Monsieur Paul Labauve of the Isle of France
Mons. Thomas Pitot, of do
Mons. Charles Desbassayons of the Isle of Bourbon
Mr John Flinders of Spalding, Lincolnshire
Mrs Henrietta Newbald of Hull, Yorkshire
and Miƒs Isabella Tyler of Beverley, do

Rings £18

Eighth. My household goods, plate, clothes,
linen, books, and papers, I give to my dear
wife and executrix, Ann Flinders: She to
give out of them all manuscript books, and the
papers relating to my voyage; (with the ex-
-ception of letters) to my brother Samuel Ward
Flinders; and to dispose of the rest as she shall
see good.

Household pro-
-perty and books
to Ann Flinders

    If any of the legatees, mentioned in any of
the preceeding [sic] paragraphs, should be deceased
before me, then his, her, or their legacies, except
where the legacies are specified to descend to
children, shall go to increase the sums left
in the first, second, third, fourth, and sixth
paragraphs, the person therein mentioned being

Surplus pro-
-perty to be

living; and the respective augmentations shall
be in proportion to the legacies of each. Also,
if the whole of my property as above specified
should be more than sufficient to pay the
legacies so left as above, then the surplus is to
go to the augmentation of them, in the same
proportionate manner; but with respect to
the third paragraph, if the monies therein
left exceed the sum of £500, clear of expence,
then the augmentation is not to make it exceed
what the sum left in the second paragraph
will amount to, when so augmented; my in-
-tention being that the sums left to my
brother and sister should be equal. If,
after the expenses attending on my interment
(of which my wife, or such person as she may
appoint, is to have the direction and choice
of place) my monies &c should be found in-
-sufficient to pay and provide for all the above
legacies, then a reduction of those contained
in the second, third, fourth, and sixth par-
-agraphs, proportionally to the sums left, is
to take place. The sums specified in the
first, fifth, and seventh paragraphs are
to suffer no reduction.
    Such is the disposition I desire may
be made of my monies and property of
whatever kind, in case I should die and
leave no lawful issue; but if in the con-
trary case, I should leave issue, one or

or more children, then my desire is, that my said
three executors and trustees, dispose of my monies,
securities for money, real and personal estate, and
property of every description, whether then be-
-longing to me, or afterwards descending or devolving
be bequest, or otherwise in the form and manner
following, ––––

In case of

First. The expenses attending my interment at such
place and in such manner as my dear wife, Ann
Flinders, or a person of her appointment, may direct,
are to be paid and the sum of one hundred pounds
set aside for the four marble slabs, as directed in
the fifth article preceeding.



Second. I bequeath the following annuities and
Legacies, in lawful money of Great Britain for life
To my dear wife Ann, one clear annuity, during
her natural life of, -------------------fifty-five pounds
To my mother in law, Mrs Elizabeth Flinders, one
clear life annuity of ------------------ten pounds


To my sister Susannah Pearson, or to her children
in equal proportion, in case of her death pre=
-vious to my decease, the sum of one hundred pounds
To my brother Samuel W Flinders, or to his law-
-ful children if any, in the same case the
sum of ---------------------------------one hundred pounds
To each of my half sisters Hannah Dodd, and
Henrietta Flinders, or in the above case, to the
children (if any) of each, the sum of ------fifty pounds
To my nephew James Harvey of Donington – twenty pounds
To his sister Susanna Harvey ----------------------twenty pounds


To my Aunt

To my Aunt Mrs Elizabeth Carr the sum of twenty pds
To my half uncle William Flinders or in case of his
previous death, to his son William ------ twenty pounds
To my half Aunt Mary Cawthen ---------- ten pounds
To my half Aunt Penelope Procter ------ ten pounds
To my second and third above named executors
or to their substitutes on undertaking the trust
each the sum of ------------------------------ twenty pounds

Rings £18

Thirdly. The mourning rings to the persons
specified in the seventh paragraph preceeding
are to be given, and to make part of the
present disposition of my property.

Furniture &c
to Ann Flinders

Fourth. My household furniture
plate &c as specified in the eighth paragraph
preceeding, are to be disposed of in the way
therein directed.

property to
Child or Children

Fifth. After all the above bequests and arrange-
-ments are satisfied and done so far as the ex=
=istence of the legatees, or of their children where
specified will acquire and allow them my
will is, that all my remaining monies &c
of every kind, as well that in actual poƒseƒs=
=ion as those that may descend or be devised
to me, or that may arise in any way whatever
after my decease and including the legacies
to such persons as may be deceased where no
children are specified or being specified if those
children are deceased then the whole of my
said remaining monies &c shall go to my child
or children; and if I leave more than one, then the
said remaining monies &c to be divided amongst them

them in equal proportions. The child or chil=
=dren to receive the whole sum or division
with the interest due thereon, (deducting the
expences of bringing up and education) as
he, she, or they may respectively attain the age
of twenty-one years.

If deceased

Sixth. In case my said child or children
so existing at my decease, should nevertheleƒs die
before the age of twenty-one years, and he, she,
or they or any of them, should leave no lawful
issue; then my will is, that all the above
mentioned remaining monies &c should be
divided into four equal parts or portions, of
which I give one part to James Harvey and

under age
without issue
property to be

Susanna Harvey, or the survivors, if the deceased
bear no children; the second part I give
to my brother Samuel Ward Flinders or if
he be deceased, to his lawful issue, if any to
is then existing; The third part to my Nephew
Matthew Flinders Pearson; and the fourth and
last I give to the remaining children of my
sister, Susanna Pearson, in equal propor-
-tions. And if any of the persons to whom these
four parts are to descend in the case above
specified, should be deceased, and have left
no lawful issue, then the part of such person
or persons is to be employ'd in augmenting the
remaining part or parts so bequeathed, in equal
    Lastly and generally, I do hereby direct and

One part to
the Harveys
One part
S W Flinders
One part to
M F Pearson
One part to
the other Pearsons

Trustees to sell,
and re-invest pro-

and authorise my three executors and trustees,
or my wife Ann Flinders conjointly with either
one of the others, to sell and dispose of any part of
my said remaining property in trust during
the minority of my child or children; and to re-
-place and invest it in any other way which
they may judge most advantageous to the interest
of the said child or children.

Call in & replace
monies as they see

Also to call in and replace all or any of
my said remaining trust monies and secu-
-rities for money when and as often as they
shall find or suppose it necessary. And I
do hereby order and direct that the receipt or

Their receipts
be a sufficient

receipts of my said three trustees or of my wife
Ann Flinders with either one of the other two,
shall be good and sufficient discharge and
discharges from time to time for any or any
part of my said remaining trust monies
&c for which the same shall be given. Also

Trustees to retain
costs & damages

that it shall and may be lawful for my said
executors and trustees to secure and retain
to himself, herself, or themselves, all such costs,
charges, damages, payments, and expenses as
they may respectively bear, pay, expend or
or be just unto, in the execution of the trust and
executorship hereby reposed and confided or

Not to be an-
-swerable, but for
their own particular

in the defence and protection thereof. Also,
that they my said three executors, and trustees
shall not be answerable the one for the other or

or others of them, or for the acts, receipts or de-
-faults of the other; but each of them, for his or
her own acts, deeds, receipts, and defaults only;
nor for any loƒs that may happen to the said
trust of monies, property &c or any part thereof
by failure of any security on which the same
may be placed out of interest, unleƒs the same
shall happen by their or one of their wilful
neglect or default.

Nor for failure
of securities
unleƒs arising
from neglect or de-

      In witneƒs & confirmation of this
my last will and testament, and of every Ratification
part thereof. I the said Matthew Flinders have & Signature
hereunto set my hand & seal this sixth
day of July in the year or our Lord one
thousand eight hundred and twelve.

    Mattw Flinders ( L. S. )

This writing was signed and sealed by the
said Matthew Flinders Esquire, captain in
the Royal Navy, and by him published and


declared as and for his last will and testament
in the presence of us who have hereunto sub-
scribed our names as witneƒses hereunto, in
his presence.

Isabella Tyler
Spinster –
Joseph Hayes
Surgeon &c

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