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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Sir Joseph Banks to Ann Flinders (6 of 9) (FLI26)

    London July Twenty one 1808

      Mrs Flinders

              Soho Square
            July 19 1808

Dear Madam

        I conclude that you have receivd [sic]
a Letter from Capt Flinders by the way of America
the one alluded to in yours of the French Letter
inclosd [sic] in yours which I return, I have one
which came to hand by yesterdays Post & Note
my Friend your husband to be in good health
Tho no time has yet been fixd [sic] upon by the
General for obeying the orders he has receivd [sic]
Respecting his Liberation
        I cannot I confeƒs attribute the
disobedience to orders which the General has
been guilty of to any Cause but that of Cowardice
he suspects that your husband is able to give
such information to his brother officers in India
as might enable them to attack the Island with
advantage & has therefore resolvd [sic] not to let
him proceed to any place where he has any
likelihood of seeing any of them soon

        The authenticity of the order has been
acknowledgd [sic] by a copy of it being sent to your
husband, the Reason given by the Cheif [sic] of the Etat
Major for delaying its execution is the want
of a Proper opportunity, that is such a one as they
may think a proper one. The French Frigate
La Semillante was when he wrote fitting for a
voyage to France & her departure cannot I think
better wish a proper opportunity of sending him
home as she will land him in France & by so
doing get him as much as possible out of the
condition of managing an attack upon the Island
I trust therefore that he is before this time
on his paƒsage home in this French Frigate &
I most sincerely hope that she since, be Capturd [sic]
& soon brought in to a British Port
        I have Solicited Lord Mulgrave as
I have done other First Lords in the hope of
Obtaining post for him during his absence
but have always met with the same excuse that
no instance occurs of giving an officer Preferment

while he is a Prisoner I have no doubt however
of as favorable a reception for him from Ld
Mulgrave if we can get him home as we can
wish for
            I am madam
        your Faithful Hble Servt
            Js: Banks

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