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Letter from (Sir) John Franklin to Ann Flinders (1 of 5) (FLI27) Page 3

They mentioned the suspicion which De Caen had and
recommended to defer a few months sending the letter
Such advice attended with the consequences they said
might arise from giving any ground for stronger
suspicion – determined me to tear it up, – & in a
few months more the port was declared in a
state of blockade – that put the bar to all commu-
-nication from an individual; indeed had I written
from Rio – having no friend at the Cape my letters
must have been left with careleƒs people – or
at least with persons whose interest was not
concerned in forwarding them.

I had a letter this morning from him to Thomas
he alludes therein to some difference in opinion
which always existed between Samuel F & myself
I wrote to him on the subject after leaving Wreck Reef
he appears satisfied with my conduct – yet I often
think he supposes from my silence that I am
not pleased with the last conversation him & myself
^ had on the subject at Wreck Reef – should such an im-
preƒsion remain on his mind may I ^ beg you will
remove it – believe me there is no person to
whom I feel stronger attached thoughts for the
person who caused the only shade of difference we had and

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