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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Mrs Ann Tyler to Matthew Flinders (FLI01) Page 2

thing which calls either ^ for rebuke ^ or reproof Shoud [sic] you be restord [sic] to us again, which I
sincerely hope you will, & my advice in any case can be of the least use,
I will always be at your service, & shoud [sic] I ever see anything ^ in your
conduct that appears to require reprehension, I will then endeavour to
comply with your request. — Since I wrote to you the Lord has been pleas'd
to take your Father to himself, & I doubt not but he is now in glory
loving & praising, that great God & saviour, who saved him with an
everlasting salvation, by the account I heard from Mr Wilson the
clergyman who saw him when he was near departing, I am not afraid to say
may my [illegible] end be like his, — his sufferings I believe were great, but the
Lord was with him, & supported him under them all, & he is now where
pain, sickneƒs, & sorrow shall never enter, & where it is my desire, that you,
& I may meet him when we have done with all things here. — You are
pleas'd to enquire much about your Sister Bell, she is in good health, &
full of spirits, but with respect to writing to you, I have frequently heard
her say she durst not venture, she looks upon you as such a Critic, and
was I to pay attention to this I certainly shou'd remain silent, but I
expect you will overlook all errors, & especially in this, as I have had very
little time given me, but was not willing to let the Packet be sent off with
out giving you a line. — You particularly request me to say if I think you
can do anything more to contribute to the comfort of your Wife than you have
done, I do not think she wants any comfort the World can give but yourself,
what you have been kind enough to leave her, is fully adequate to all her
wants, & I daresay with respect to temporal things she is as happy as
she wishes, or can be made in your absence, she has never left us but for a day

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