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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Portion of Flinders' journal on HMS Providence (1791-93) (FLI08a) Page 4

no means suffer us to enter this sanctified Spot – None
of the Nuns would be prevaild [sic] upon to come near us, however
they did not seem at all displeasd [sic] with our Visit, but presented
"us" with a sweet Candy they calld [sic] Dulce and some artificial
Flowers, in return for which "Mr Smith" gave them a Dollar –

The Beach affords few Shells – in attempting to pull up a
fleshey Fucus which grew in the Water, a Fisherman who was
present hastily snatchd [sic] "my" Hand, making me understand
it would cause the Part touchd [sic] to swell very much, however I
pulld [sic] up a whole Hand full with ^ out any disagreable [sic] Conse-
-quence at which he shook his Head – In general, these
People appear to be a merry good naturd [sic] People, are courte-
ous to and appear happy to see Strangers, "we" found this al-
-ways the Case altho' they said "we" were no Christians, but they
generally took Care to make us pay pretty well for what we had –
they live principally upon Fruits and Roots, are fond of dan-
-cing and singing and upon the whole they live as lazily, as
happily ^ as contentedly and in as much Poverty as any French Peasant
would wish to do – the Fruits of this Island are fine and
in great Plenty. The Grapes, Plantains, Peaches & Pears were
at this Time in Season, and were brought alongside the Ship
by the Natives and sold for three Times their Value on shore
tho' we thought them cheap, they have likewise Oranges
Figs and a few Cocoa nutts [sic] – Their Onions are good and in
great Plenty and their Potatoes ^ are equal to any in England and
we found them keep exceeding well – The Town of Santa
Cruz is supplied with Water from Hills, conveyd [sic] a conside-
-rable Distance in wooden Spouts, at this Time there was
a Scarcity of it – the Beef is small and lean – On the
North side of the Town next the Beach is a small Fort and
Barracks for the Soldiers, but it is a mean Buildings

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