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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (4 of 6). Flinders to his father 1801; to cousin, Henrietta Flinders 1801 (FLI04) Page 1

to get my agent to put into the stocks. As far as I can learn
the only way he can do it, to receive the dividends for me, is
by investing it in his and my name jointly. I shall be obliged
to you to inform me how far this is neceƒsary, and the
plan you adopt for Wilson and Co to receive yours. Was
any accident to happen to me, the money would rest with
him in the bank books, and my heirs could only claim as
a debt from him. I have the most perfect reliance in my
agents uprightneƒs, but as I cannot tell who his executors
or heirs might be, I do not like this plan altogether; and
I shall be much obliged to you for information on the subject.
      I have just now a melancholy letter from Mrs Carr,
informing me of the unhappy marriage of her eldest daughter
and expreƒsing a desire that I would take her out as a com-
-panion to Mrs Flinders. This, for many reasons, would be
highly impolitic in me, and indeed impoƒsible under
present circumstances. She rather complains of having
never heard from you, as in my letter from Spilsby, when
first in the country, I had led her to expect.
      I have heard from my cousin Henny about a week fortnight since
I do not find that her great concern advances much. I fear
that a peace with Sweden will lose captain Lawford his
prizes, and then they ^ it will, if profitable, be more uncertain. I
have endeavoured to persuade her to cut the connexion en-
-tirely, but the happineƒs or misery of her future life seems
so entirely wrapped up in this procrastinated marriage
that all argument and almost matters of fact become wind before
it; and as it only gives her pain without answering any
good purpose, I have given it up lately.
        If you should ever invite Miƒs Tyler to Donington, you
will find her to be a girl of strong sense, somewhat eccen-
-tric, but of an amiable disposition. She returns into the
country with her father, whom we shall meet in town, if
I am called up about the 19th . The family with whom we lived
in town is a respectable one, and they have been very atten-
-tive to Penelope and my sister Susan. It came in our way
to aƒsist the former ^ at least in raising her consequence with her employers
at least

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