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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from the Admiralty re magnetic variations (6 of 7). With copy of Captain Hollis' letter (FLI07) Page 3

when the Compaƒses are within the Influence of these Stanchions
in their vertical poƒsition [sic], that they must be in some degree
operated upon, & that influence will be in proportion as the N
or South points of the Needle are directed toward the upper ends
of the Stanchions. Bearing these facts in my mind I have at
different times made the same trials in the Standard &
Achille, but they did not produce the same effect, the results
have been about half a Point. Since the first circumstance
occurred I have always had the Stanchions covered with
canvaƒs, & painted it may be partly owing to the distance being
greater from the Compaƒses in a Ship of the Line than a Frigate
or from the lower deck intervening, & a current of Air paƒsing
through the Ports & altering the natural course of the Magnetic
Influence — On my arrival at Halifax I wrote a Public letter
to the Commiƒsrs & the aftermost of these Stanchions was removed
& this a remarkable coincidence that HMS the Pallas had
just arrived at Halifax from England had made a represe-
=tation of the influence of her Compaƒses during the run out, & was having the iron Work shifted from about the Binnacle on that account.
    I hope their Lordships will pardon my having treƒpaƒsed [sic]
so much on their time in presuming to offer my opinion on this
subject & I beg leave to aƒsure them that I am only induced to do so
from a zeal for my profeƒsion, & a wish that it may lead
by the aƒsistance of Scientific Men to the Safer Navigating
of H M Ships. I have &c
                                  (signed) A P Hollis

Adml Sir R Bickerton
Commander in Chief
    &c     &c     &c

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