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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Loose pages from Flinders' private letterbook (3 of 6). To Christopher Smith 1800. (FLI04) Page 4

call upon him on our arrival, and with him shall leave my
^ addreƒs at my agents agents addreƒs, which at present is at Edw McCullocks Esq Jef-
-fries Sq St Mary Ave London, so that any letters you may write
and wish to have conveyed to me, can be done through that chan-
-nel. In my last letter but one, I mentioned a book to ^ be written upon
this country and colony, in which I was to have some concern; if
it is done as mentioned to you, a copy of it shall be left at Mr
Dicksons or else sent out to you. The last letter, was one to intro-
-duce Mr G Baƒs, who will be the author of that book, to your
friendship; that ^ letter however, I scarcely expect will be ever received,
which is the reason that it was not mentioned before.
    Accompanying this letter, you will receive a parcel of the
seeds of shrubs and trees of this country which have been just
now collected and are therefore fresh; they are one half of what I had
collected to take to England, but since so good an opportunity of-
-fers of sending them to you, I think they cannot be better disposed
of .+
      I have received no letter from you, since we parted in 1794, and
only one from our friend Wiles as mentioned before to you.
I have some hopes of meeting with him in England.
      We sail from hence in about a week, and on our arrival I
shall take the first opportunity of writing to you, with a full
and true account of everything that comes to my knowledge
which you can wish to be informed of; and in return, if you
have not before done it, write me one of the same kind, telling
me what your salary is? What your other involvments [sic] and ex-
-pectations? how long you are likely to stay in India? What ser-
-vices I can render you in England or elsewhere? &c &c which if
you do you will great oblige
      your old and very sincere friend
          Mattw Flinders

+As to the names which are applied to them, I can tell nothing my-
-self, the gardener that collected them is the wise man who christ-
ened them.
PS Here is a man by the name of Swinney, a countryman of
yours, whom I have partly sent to you. He knows the plants of this coun-
-try better than any body and I believe is a good gardener. As to his character

[ends here]

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