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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Handwritten sheet music and words (FLI25) Page 1

My evening song                   Air by Haydn


Why Henry didst thou leave me, thus leave me here to mourn. Ah cruel thou deceivedst me, I'll
neer see thy return           Thou knew'st how much I loved thee, yet could resolve to go
My griefs could nothing move thee, though I was sunk in woe

      Yet why do I thus blame thee, alas thou couldst not stay
      For when stern duty calls thee, thou couldst not but obey
      Thy looks bespoke the anguish, the struggle in thy breast &c

            To be completed

Scrap of paper with remaining words to music above*

Thy looks bespoke the anguish the struggle in thy ^ breast
While pangs of bitter sorrow. thy inmost Soul oppreƒs'd -
Lord was the fatal moment which tore thee from my arms,
What hours since then I've counted of misery & alarms -
Ah hast thou in this absence let Fancy dwell as me?
Or sigh with ardent wishes, thy faithful Love to see? -
My soul with deep felt anguish, inceƒsant mourns for thee
In pining grief I languish & silent, agony,
Will comforts cheering sunshine e'er beam on this sord heart?
Yes, when we meet my Henry, never again to part -

[*NB these remaining words may have been added by Ann Flinders to the original, unfinished, song by Matthew. Flinders uses the pseudonym 'Henry' to distance himself from the husband in the song, and writes from the point of view of the wife he has left behind.]

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