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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Portion of Flinders' journal on HMS Providence (1791-93) (FLI08a) Page 5

as little deserving that Name as the Soldiers are of theirs,
for they are as shabby and as despicable as my old Hatt [sic]
this Fort and a few Peices [sic] (I believe eighteen) mounted on
the Peir [sic] command the Road, but these last are not in a
very offensive State, the others I did not see, the best Wine
to be bought here, is 15th a Pipe it is very strong and we found it
keep very well, their Goats of which they have a good Num-
-ber look tolerably well when they come on board, but before they
have been a Month at Sea, they become perfect Skeletons, the
immediate Cause of which is a large Maggot which either
gets up the Nostrils or are bred in the Head, these they often
frequently void and two out of three of them die soon after –
                          St Jago
Brought to – the American Schooner got under weigh in the
Afternoon – Captn Bligh sent home Dispatches by her to be
forwarded as soon as poƒsible – Great Numbers of fine beautiful
fish of various Colours about the Ship – the Spanish Mackerel
very conspicuous – those that were ^ mostly caught were a fish large
Fish 2 to 4 Pounds weight, spotted of a dull read [sic] Colour – The
inland Parts of the Island high and mountanous [sic], but towards
the Sea, descends into Plains, where stands the Town of Porto
Praya, consisting principally of a few straw coverd [sic] Hutts [sic]
There is a very few brick Houses for the Portuguese Inhabitants
and a Fort with Portuguese Colours – we saw some Plantati-
-ons, the Trees beautifully green which appeard [sic] more conspicuous
from the surrounding Land and Mountains being dry and
parchd [sic]. The Cocoa-nutt [sic] was amongst them – A reef runs out
from the North Point of the Bay, Sea broke very high upon
it. The Boat brought a few green Oranges, which however
were very acceptable; not able to get any thing because it

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