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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (14 of 41) (FLI25) Page 4

neceƒsary augmentation shall be made. That I am anxious to scrape
up a sufficient sum during this voyage, to make it unneceƒsary
to go to sea afterwards on a pecuniary account, is indeed true;
but I would not, my dearest love, extend this to the depriving thee
of any comfort or neceƒsary; and luxuries, I think, thou art not
anxious after. Moreover there is one thing which I should wish
^ thee to recollect:– my situation makes me of some consequence
in the eye of the world, and this should extend to thee, and have
its influence in regulating thy appearance and mode of con-
-duct. I cannot, however, do better than to leave all this entirely
to thee, and therefore I do so.
    Trim is very well, and Elder approves himself a good and
faithful servant. Good bye – just now.
June 4th . This is a great day in all distant British settlements
and we are preparing to celebrate it with due magnificence.
The ship is covered with colours, and every man is about
to put on his best apparel, and to make himself merry.
We go through the form of waiting upon His Excellency the
governor at his levee to pay our compliments to him as the re-
-presentative of majesty; after which, a dinner and ball are
given to the colony, at which not leƒs than 52 gentlemen
and ladies will be present. Amidst all this, how much pre-
-ferable is such a right hand and left as we have had at
Spilsby, with those we love, to that which we shall go through
this evening.
    Adieu my best beloved – think on me, and how
much I love thee; and believe me, as indeed I am, thine
with the utmost constancy and affection
            Mattw Flinders

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