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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Papers by H Waterhouse relating to Flinders' Service (FLI05) Page 1

    These are to certify that Lieut. Matthew
served in His Majestys ship Reliance
under my command, from the 11 August 1794
to the 7 November 1800; during which he con-
-ducted himself with the greatest propriety as
an officer, and perfectly to my satisfaction; and
during the time in which the Reliance was re-
-pairing at Port Jackson, his perseverance in
furthering the discovery of New South Wales
and Van Diemens Land was highly meritorious;
and the succeƒs with which his exertions were
attended, shews the ability and judgement em-
-ployed in overcoming difficulties, and in making
the most of the small advantages that could
be afforded him.
    His former services with me also, in
His Majestys ship Bellerophon under Rear
Adm. Pasley
, in the actions of May 29 and 30
and June 1. 1794 are strong proofs of his
merit; in justice to which I have thought
proper to give him this testimony of my ap-
      H Waterhouse

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