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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Matthew Flinders to Ann Flinders (14 of 41) (FLI25) Page 1

The Revd Mr Tyler
    Partney near Spilsby
For Mrs Flinders

Annotated: Novr 25 1802

                Investigator at Port Jackson May 31

A moment snatched from the confusion of performing
half a dozen occupations, and of making up eighteen months
accounts in every one of them, is a poor tribute to offer to a
beloved friend like thee. That I am safe and well, and have done
every thing thus far that I could have expected to do, is to tell thee
something. How highly should I value such short information
reciprocated from thee! but alas, my dearest love, I am all
in the dark concerning thee, I know not what to fear or what
to hope. Pray write and releive [sic] my anxiety. Some months
have paƒsed during our examination of the unknown south
coast, during which I hoped that some sweet ship would paƒs
by us and deposit in the governors hands what would have
taken away some part of my distreƒs.
    June 1st a ship is now off the heads of the harbour, but I
am afraid to hope; the sensation however will rise, in spight [sic] of
me, and until I know I will endeavour to intertain thee
in the mean time.
    The ships that sailed for this place from Spithead dur-
-ing the time thou wast on board, told them here of
thy coming out; and there has, consequently, been many
inquiries after thee, and much abuse of me for not bring-
-ing them so valuable an addition to their society. Thou
wouldst have been situated as comfortably here as I hoped,
and told thee. Two better or more agreeable women than
Mrs King and Mrs Paterson are not easily found; these would
have been thy choicest friends, and for visiting acquaintances
there are five or six other ladies, very agreeable for short
periods, and perhaps longer. When I see this and feel the
warmest wishes constantly rising for thy presence, I accuse
fortune of great unkindneƒs, and think ill of those who, except
in this, are my most valuable friends; but again, when
I reflect on the service we have been upon, the constant alarms

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Port Jackson


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