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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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French Passport for Matthew Flinders in HMS Investigator (Rough translation) (FLI03) Page 1

The First Consul of the French Republic, on being advised of a request made by Lord Hawkesbury to Citizen Otto, Representative of the French Government in London, for a Passport for the Corvette Investigator for a Voyage of discovery in the Pacific ocean to be carried out by the English Government under the command of Captain Matthew Flinders, has decided that this Passport will be granted and that this expedition, the object of which is to advance human knowledge and to extend the progress of nautical Science and Geography, will receive the necessary safety and protection of the French Government.

The Minister for the Navy and the Colonies directs as a result of this that all Commanders of Warships of the Republic, all his agents in all the French Colonies, all the Commanders of Ships bearing Letters of marque, and to all others to whom it concerns, to let pass freely, and without obstruction the said Corvette Investigator her Officers, crew and effects, during the length of their voyage, to permit them to enter the various ports of the Republic, those in Europe and other parts of the World, so that they may replenish their supplies necessary for continuing their voyage. Nevertheless, assistance and protection is dependant upon them not diverging from the route they have agreed to follow, nor committing or announcing the intention to commit hostilities against the French Republic and her allies, or supplying or trying to supply her enemies, nor engaging in commerce or shipping contraband.

Executed in Paris, 4 Prairal, year nine of the French Republic.

The Corvette Investigator of 334 tons

The crew is composed of 83 men, and five men of letters

The armament is 6 carronades of 12 pounds
2 carronades of 18 pounds
2 cannon of 6 pounds
2 swivel guns

The undersigned Commissioner of the French Government in London, certifies the particulars above are in accordance with the memorandum which has been communicated by the Minister of His Britannic Majesty.

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