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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from George Nicol to Ann Flinders (2 of 2) (FLI06)

Annotation: 1826

My Dear Madam

            I am very much mortified, that
I am only enabled to sit down June 5th, to
answer your favour of April 23d ; But the
truth is, I have been so unwell for these
two years paƒt, that I have been quite unable
to write or attend to Busineƒs — The consequence
of which, I have had, conducted by my son,
a sale among the Trade of Booksellers, of my
stock in hand; among which, you may depend
upon it, I did not forget the Voyage — But I am
mortified to say, that we were only able to
sell three copies, at £5 each. ——
Both my son & myself continue to use all
our Influence at the Admiralty, for the diƒposal
of the Work; for as they have the Charts of the
S Seas, formed by Capt Flinders, which they
give to all Ships of War going to that Quarter
of the Globe — They also ought to give copies
of the Voyage to accompany them, and
illuƒtrate them — Though with all our endeavours
we have not been able to influence Mr Croker

in this Busineƒs. I continue to look out for another
Channel, to effect what is so proper to be done
and I never lose sight of finding a means of
getting at my Countryman the first Lord, and still
flatter myself that some opportunity will
occur, to induce them to do that, which they should
have long ago done — that is to buy the whole
remainder of the Impreƒsion. ——
      I believe, at leaƒt I flatter myself so, that
you are satiƒfied of my Zeal in the Busineƒs —
and I cannot force the Sale of the work,
yet I cannot see you diƒtreƒsed, by the work
not being immediately productive — I therefore
beg you will draw upon me, for some
small Sum, £40 or £50, which shall be paid
punctually on the presentation of your Draft.
      I am happy to hear your Daughter continues
to keep in good Health to comfort you — That
she may long continue to do so, is the sincere
prayers, of My Dear Madam,

My niece Miƒs Wilson
begs to return her kind
Compliments —
your sincere & affectionate Friend
            George Nicol
        in his 86th year

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