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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Handwritten will of Matthew Flinders (FLI06) Page 8

them in equal proportions. The child or chil=
=dren to receive the whole sum or division
with the interest due thereon, (deducting the
expences of bringing up and education) as
he, she, or they may respectively attain the age
of twenty-one years.

If deceased

Sixth. In case my said child or children
so existing at my decease, should nevertheleƒs die
before the age of twenty-one years, and he, she,
or they or any of them, should leave no lawful
issue; then my will is, that all the above
mentioned remaining monies &c should be
divided into four equal parts or portions, of
which I give one part to James Harvey and

under age
without issue
property to be

Susanna Harvey, or the survivors, if the deceased
bear no children; the second part I give
to my brother Samuel Ward Flinders or if
he be deceased, to his lawful issue, if any to
is then existing; The third part to my Nephew
Matthew Flinders Pearson; and the fourth and
last I give to the remaining children of my
sister, Susanna Pearson, in equal propor-
-tions. And if any of the persons to whom these
four parts are to descend in the case above
specified, should be deceased, and have left
no lawful issue, then the part of such person
or persons is to be employ'd in augmenting the
remaining part or parts so bequeathed, in equal
    Lastly and generally, I do hereby direct and

One part to
the Harveys
One part
S W Flinders
One part to
M F Pearson
One part to
the other Pearsons

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