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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Instructions to Flinders from Admiralty for voyage of discovery in HMS Investigator (FLI03) Page 11

whole course of your Voyage; taking care
before you leave the sloop to demand
from the Officers and Petty Officers the
Log Books and Journals which they
may have kept and such Drawings
and Charts as they may have taken
and to seal them up for our inspection.

      And whereas you have been furnished
with a Plant Cabbin [sic] for the purpose
of depositing therein such Plants, Trees,
Shrubs &c, as may be collected during the
Survey abovementioned, you are, when
you arrive at Sydney Cove, to cause the
said Plant Cabbin [sic] to be fitted up by
the Carpenter on the Quarter Deck of
the sloop you command, according to
the intention of its construction; and
you are to cause Boxes for containing
Earth to be made and placed therein,
in the same manner as was done in
the Plant Cabbin [sic] carried out by the
Porpoise storeship, which Plant Cabbin [sic]
you will find at Sydney Cove.

      You are to place the said Plant
Cabbin [sic] with the Boxes of Earth
contained in it, under the charge and

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