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The Flinders papersletters and documents about the explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814)
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Letter from Sir Joseph Banks to Ann Flinders (4 of 9) (FLI26)

            Soho Square
              Decr 29 1806


            I have much pleasure in
informing you that I have at Last Receivd [sic] the
Particulars of Capt Flinders's Present situation
Respecting his Release which are certainly more
Favorable than I expected to have been the Case
        After many Refusals on the Part of
Bonaparte to applications made to him from
different Quarters, he at Last Consented to order Capt
Flinders Case to be heard before the Council of State
who immediately decided in Capt Flinders Favor, an
order for his Liberation was therefore signed on
the 11th of March Last & on the 21st 3 Copies of this
order were dispatchd [sic] from Paris in order to be
forwarded by the first opportunities to the Isle of France
        I have this morn seen Capt Larkins

Whose India Ship the Warren Hastings was taken
from him & who is newly arrivd [sic] from the
Isle of France where he was prisoner, he was not
allowd [sic] to See Capt Flinders, but Reports that he was
in excellent health he brought Letters from him
of which you have no doubt Receivd [sic] one
        When Capt Larkins left the Island
no veƒsels had arrived direct from France
Since January Last it was therefore impoƒsible
that the order for his Liberation which did
not leave Paris till the 21 of March, could have
arrivd [sic] but as the interval had been so long it
is Probable that veƒsels arrivd [sic] carrying the order
very soon after Capt Larkins Saild [sic]
        in my Last Letter from France I
Receivd [sic] a Further Copy of the order for capt
Flinders's Liberation, which I immediately forwarded
to the Lords of the admiralty who will no doubt

Send it to the Commander in chief of these Seas
to be Sent in by him in a Flag of Truce so that
Should any Series of misfortunes cause all the
others to miscarry this at least has a moral
Certainty of arriving safe.

            I am madam
        your Obedient Hble Servt
              Js: Banks

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